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you feel like you’re constantly going to the bathroom you feel like every time
you sit down after like 10-15 minutes you got a rush again people I’m going to
teach you today five things that can help you improve your bladder health and
make you go to the bathroom less so my name is dr. Rena Malik and
I’m here to help you live your best life and improve your pelvic health so I
can’t tell you how much of my day I spend going over these five simple
things so save yourself the parking garage the waiting time in the car the
waiting time in the waiting room to come see a urologist or primary care doctor
to tell you these five things because you don’t need to do all that you need
to watch this video right here so number one don’t drink too much water seriously
this thing right here yeah this is what people come to my office with why am I
going to bathroom so much they’ve got a Yeti full of this and they are drinking
their second one for the day and they’re telling me dr. Malik I can’t I just
understand why I’m going the bathroom so much and I very politely remind them
that they’re drinking a lot of water so don’t get me wrong this is for normal
healthy people who don’t have other reasons to drink a lot of water if you
have kidney problems or you’ve got kidney stones you keep up that water
habit because you’re the bomb but if you don’t and you’re going to the bathroom a
lot and you’re bothered by it well it might be because you’re drinking a
hundred ounces of water a day so yes it can help with weight loss yes it can
help you feel better and hydration is great but it is going to make you go to
the bathroom so if you’re bothered you got to pick your vice you either drink a
lot of water and be in the bathroom all day or drink less water and be happy
about it now before you click away let me explain myself I’m not telling you
to dehydrate yourself I understand that the kidney foundation tells you to drink
64 ounces of water eight glasses of water a day but that includes all the
fluid you drink during the day so that includes the coffee’s the teas the
juices the milks the sodas plus anything that’s in your food like if you have
oatmeal if you have salad vegetables have water in them and fruit has water
in them you need to realize that all that’s
actually contributing to that 64 ounces a day you need I don’t even look at your
if it’s pretty clear you’re fine if it’s really strong in concentrating you need
to drink more water because when you have concentrated your in that’s also
gonna irritate your bladder and make you go to the bathroom more frequently
number two avoid bladder irritants so I have a whole nother video on what
bladder irritants are right here click on that bad boy and watch it but
basically bladder irritants make you go more often they can irritate the lining
of your bladder and make you go more frequently those can include caffeine
coffee tea alcohol so even that sweet sweet tea has a lot of caffeine in it
there’s a bunch of other ones like spicy foods citric acid artificial sweeteners
carbonated beverages I have a full list below so go ahead and click on that to
download it so you can have it for reference number three if you are
overweight or obese lose weight so I know it’s really easy to say and really
hard to do but losing weight can actually improve your bladder health
studies have shown that losing 8 percent of your body weight will actually help
you reduce here’s the incidence of urinary frequency in urgent all right
number 4 stop smoking seriously just quit smoking is a bladder irritant and
it also causes bladder cancer lung cancer and COPD and a whole bunch of
medical problems so just please quit quit right now and make sure you tell
your doctors because we have tons of resources to help you if you really want
to quit smoking number 5 manage your constipation
because anatomically the rectum is right behind the butter they’re all in the
same little house and so when the rectum gets full of stool the bladder has less
room to expand and then it becomes more sensitive and it becomes more
contractile and it makes you feel like you have to go more often so if you
clear out all that stool and have regular normal bowel movement you will
Abdo your bladder a lot better and you’ll be able to feel better and not
have to go so frequently you’re urinating too frequently make sure that you try
all five of these things that we talked about today you’re still you’re doing
creepily despite trying all these things make sure you talk to your regular
doctor about it go see your local urologist and always remember to take
care of yourself because you’re worth it

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