Scientifically proven ways to increase penile length? A Urologist Explains

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the number one question i get on my
social media is
how can i get bigger how can i get
longer or how can i get more girth
well today i am going to address those
questions and give you the evidence
behind penile lengthening treatments i'm
dr rena malek urologist and pelvic
surgeon and a urologist is a doctor who
takes care of the genital urinary tract
both medically and surgically
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so did you guys know that they did a
survey of 50
000 heterosexual men and what they found
was that
55 of them were unhappy with the way
their penis looked
when they asked those men's partners 85
percent of women
were satisfied with the way their
partner's genitals looked but at the end
of the day it matters
how you feel about your appearance but
there's a lot of issues with that
because pornography has really blurred
the lines of what exactly
is normal so i made a video previously
talking about the average penile length
an average penile length if you look at
all the data
approximately the average penile length
is about 5.2 inches
or 13.2 centimeters and it's normal
for penile length to be within two and a
half standard deviations of that so
either greater
or smaller and so what's considered
in terms of length being too short would
be anything less
than 2.9 inches or seven and a half
centimeters and that's called micro
penis micro penis is prevalent in
less than one percent actually point one
four percent of the population so it's
extremely rare it can be due to a number
of causes which can
include congenital abnormalities
hormonal abnormalities
previous surgeries or cancer but today
we're going to talk about people who
have a
normal penile length so while it is true
that the large majority of people who
are concerned with the size of their
penis have a
normal penile length based on these
numbers the true
issue is that a significant portion of
can have distress related to the idea
that their penis is not as long as they
and this is a form of body dysmorphic
actually has a term it's called small
penis anxiety it doesn't mean that they
have a small penis but they have anxiety
related to the fact
that they believe that the size of their
penis is not long enough
and the way this is defined is that
people have a preoccupation or obsession
of the size of their penis which they
spend over one hour a day
thinking about this and actually some
portion of these men can be so
distraught that it can affect their
activities of daily living
and some of them can end up in the
hospital due to their overwhelming
obsession or even have suicidal ideation
this is not a joke
this is serious this can have real
serious complications for people and so
i think it's important
to talk about this because this is part
of men's health
the other major issue with this problem
is that if you google how am i going to
make my penis longer you'll be inundated
with tons and tons of websites and
information that may or may not be
many people will go abroad or find
providers to do things to them that can
dramatic consequences so please don't do
that look for a reputable urologist
psychologist to help you with these
i will also preface the rest of the
information that i'm going to share
on this video by telling you that the
sexual medicine society of north america
states that procedures for penile
or girth enhancement are not recommended
and considered experimental unless they
in context of someone who has a micro
penis so the things i'm about to tell
you are
in the literature for urology and have
some data to support them
however before doing any of these things
establish care with a urologist who is
familiar with these things
as a caveat i do not discuss or
offer treatment for penile lengthening
in my practice but because this is such
an important topic
i went ahead and did the research for
you guys there are two categories
of treatment options available to people
who suffer from
small penis anxiety or distress due to
the belief that their penis is
smaller than normal and for those people
there are non-surgical treatments and
there are surgical options that are
reported in the literature
starting off with non-surgical
treatments psychological counseling so
are validated measures and
and assessments that can be done to help
you understand
what normal penile size is and also help
you deal with some of these anxious
interestingly when you look at people
who've undergone just
psychological counseling and nothing
else the large majority of men
no longer want to look for any other
whether it's non-surgical or surgical to
enhance the length of their penis so
this is big
i would recommend anyone who's suffering
from anxiety to please seek out
psychological care to help you with this
there are three other non-surgical
one is penile extenders two is vacuum
erection devices and three is penile
injectable treatments
the only one of these three that has any
data to suggest it actually results in
penile enhancement as in length is
specifically penile
extenders and penile extenders are
essentially a device that has a hole in
which you put the penis as well as two
metal rods on either side
and then a silicone circle at the end to
hold the glands in place
and it slowly and mechanically applies
traction to the penis to provide
length and it does this over a course of
many months
and with a lot of time dedicated to it
in each
day and when you look at the data people
who religiously used
these penile traction devices actually
did gain some
length on their penis and they measured
their penile length by a flaccid length
as well as a flaccid stretch length in
urology we use a flaccid stretch length
to estimate the size of an erect penis
so the flaccid stretch length has
been compared to the erect length and
has been shown to be very similar
for measurement purposes so what was the
end gain
after months and months of daily use
two centimeters so there was a gain
however it was very very small so you
have to be extremely compliant do this
daily for several hours a day
to achieve the desired effect also there
are some
complications this can include numbness
bruising or overall just lack of
efficacy you can spend a lot of time
doing this and see
no benefit so this is the only thing
that has been
shown in the literature to have
consistently good results
with very low side effects the other
vacuum erection devices specifically did
not increase penile length at
all and lastly penile injections there
are a number of different
penile injections out there that have
been tried
used and many of them have had
devastating complications
so i do not recommend doing any penile
injections in fact next week i'm going
to be talking a little bit about the
history of penile injections and
what types of penile injections people
have done with
good results bad results again right now
the data is not strong enough to
any sort of injection in the penis and
as i mentioned you can have
devastating complications up to 40 years
after getting a penile injection
so please do not inject anything into
your penis
as far as surgical treatments a lot of
surgical options have been discussed and
written out in the literature
one of the most common ones is a
suspensory ligament
incision and what that is is the penis
is held to the pubic bone which is the
bone right in front of your penis
by a ligament and by releasing that
ligament you can
give a little bit more length to the
penis however this is not without
complications there are also a number of
other techniques using different flaps
graphs and even using rib cartilage
to help increase the length of your
penis and all of these overall have poor
outcomes with
poor satisfaction the studies that have
actually been able
to give results on these particular
surgeries have not been really
rigorously reported
so at this time we cannot recommend a
surgery to
increase your penile length that is not
without a multitude of complications
the only time that you should proceed
with any surgery
for penile lengthening would be in the
context of a clinical trial and what is
a clinical trial
well a clinical trial is one that is
done at an institution where there is an
review board or irb what that irb
does is it makes sure that any study
that is done
in that institution is safe and ethical
to be done on human patients they also
make sure that there is
data monitoring and a way to report
adverse events that occur
during the trial on a regular basis
so that things that happen because of
the surgery are accurately documented
and then those things are published in
the literature so that you can get
true clear and complete data from a
study that's being done
on a certain type of surgery
and so that we as urologists can say
okay this has been done in 100 patients
and only 10 of them had a complication
and that was minor
compared to 20 of them had a horrible
and then this is not safe for us to
continue doing
and this is the way that we start
looking at data scientifically to make
sure that it has good outcomes
and is safe for people to proceed with
doing bottom line
there's not a lot you can do to change
the length that you are given you can
gain a small amount of length with
penile traction therapy and that has
been shown in the literature
however there are many other things that
are currently under investigation
and are not recommended for routine care
i think first and foremost is getting
treatment under the care of a
to deal with this anxiety before doing
anything that may be irreversible
and have you end up with something that
is disfigured
not functional and worse than what you
started off with thank you so much for
and make sure you join me next week on
monday when i talk about penile
and what are some of the side effects
complications that have happened in
patients who've injected their penis or
gotten their penis injected
with a number of different substances
and always remember to take care of
yourself because you're
worth it
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