Video Content that’s Popular on YouTube and How You Can Take Advantage of it

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Since the launch of YouTube’s first video in 2005, it has experienced exponential growth and come to be the 2nd largest search engine in the world, right after Google, which bought it for $1.65 billion 18 months following the launch of the first YouTube video.

Video content on YouTube reaches around 1.9 billion people, and viewers consume more than 1 billion hours of video content on a daily basis. Additionally, more than 500 hours of content gets uploaded to the platform per minute, and over 250 million hours of video content are being watched on TV screens every day.

YouTube’s popularity has resulted in a revolutionized understanding of learning, entertainment, shopping, and so much more. That’s why it’s so important to know the type of video content that’s popular on YouTube so that you can develop your YouTube marketing strategy to gain more real YouTube subscribers, get more YouTube views for the content you post, and boost business growth. So, let’s jump right into it.

Commentary videos

The aim of commentary videos on YouTube is to share an opinion or comment on a topic. With vlogs, or video blogs, YouTube subscribers get access to the thoughts, daily life, and feelings of YouTube influencers.

Vlogs maintain an authenticity and sincerity that’s difficult to recreate and provide real YouTube subscribers with access to information on any topic. They are especially helpful if you’re trying to tune in to your millennial audience as influencers hold a much higher position for many than a lot of traditional celebrities.

You can benefit from influencer marketing on YouTube to get influencers to share their opinions about your products and services, which can help you to reach a wider audience, get more YouTube subscribers and views, and boost your business. You can even run vlogs on your own channel and connect with videos better.

You could benefit from commenting on social, political, or environmental issues through your videos as consumers today, who tend to gravitate towards brands that aren’t afraid to stand up and make a social statement. The bonus from the hike in brand image is that you can also pick up more YouTube subscribers and YouTube views through such content.

Tutorials/How-to videos

Tutorials or how-to videos are viral among users as they take them through an educational guide of how to do a particular task and make use of a specific product or service. In the past years, searches for “how-to” videos have grown tremendously.

Through tutorials, you can demonstrate the use of a product or service to all your YouTube subscribers. On top of this, instructional content is viewed by people from all demographics, with millennials watching “how-to” content the most.

As opposed to educational videos that offer more in-depth information on a topic, tutorials tend to be task-specific, which means you get access to sponsorship opportunities. Such videos can also fetch you more YouTube views since they’re watched over and over again, especially relating to beauty, DIY craft, automotive, tech, and cooking.

Top list videos

Listicles or top list videos provide information about top picks pertaining to a specific category.


With hauls, a YouTuber shows off products after a recent shopping spree or products that have been bought over a specific period, like a summer shopping haul. Extremely popular when used with influencer marketing, hauls can boost the sales for your products as they provide an opportunity to highlight your brand with a review of its first impression.

New products can be shown through hauls, and upcoming trends can be announced too. Typically, hauls can heighten growth for businesses in the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion industries. Still, they are becoming an increasingly popular means to obtain more YouTube subscribers and YouTube views even for businesses in the home, health, and tech niches.


Collection videos used with influencer marketing are yet another way to show off your brand’s products as YouTubers can connect with YouTube subscribers and take them through product collections, whether for makeup, tech, apparel, home goods, or even accessories. You can also use collection videos to show off the latest product collection launched by your business and get viewers interested in what your brand has to offer.


You may work with influencers to make sure your product makes it to their favorites so that they may share it with their loyal YouTube subscribers. Such influencer marketing can boost business growth exponentially as real YouTube subscribers trust their preferred influencers and are more likely to look into a brand that the influencer supports.

You can even highlight the best among any product or service your business offers based on reviews received and customer testimonials so that your YouTube subscribers have access to a list they can trust.


Compilation videos show a series of clips that have been taken from longer videos and are a great way to keep your YouTube subscribers interested. Whether it’s a compilation of the year’s events for your business, or behind-the-scenes footage, or even a collage of key milestones, compilation videos offer viewers the opportunity to get quick access to content from a variety of longer videos. They can prove immensely successful in boosting the number of YouTube views you receive on your channel.

Product reviews

Product reviews by influencers or customer testimonials are great ways to influence the purchasing decisions of viewers and get more YouTube views. Viewers of product reviews are typically already on the brink of making a decision relating to a purchase, and product reviews can make them take the next step and finalize the purchase, resulting in business growth through improved sales.

Unboxing videos are a popular type of product review videos where the initial reactions or impressions of a YouTuber are captured on unpacking a product the first time. Sponsoring unboxing videos for your brand is a great way to impact the viewer’s purchasing verdict favorably so that you benefit from improved visibility, a greater number of YouTube views, more YouTube subscribers, and a boost in sales.

Comedy videos

Humour is important no matter what age an individual is, and comedy videos can help to generate more YouTube views and gain more YouTube subscribers through their entertainment value, with the likelihood of having a viral response.

Skits, pranks, and parodies are different types of comedy videos that are increasingly becoming popular on YouTube. While such videos may not directly result in increased revenues, they can help you get more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers that are more engaged with your brand due to the distinct personality they lend to your image.


Challenges are a great way to engage with your YouTube subscribers. Remember to include a call-to-action to get them to participate in a contest. They can even help you get more YouTube views for your channel and raise awareness about your offerings. Memes are a popular format for challenge videos on YouTube and can help you keep up with the internet’s culture through humorous, targeted, and socially-relatable content.

Q&A videos

Through the use of Question and Answer videos, you can reach out to your YouTube subscribers and build a personal connect with them in a way that other video formats don’t allow. You can request your real YouTube subscribers to send in their inquiries through the video comments section and choose the most frequently asked or popular questions from the ones put forth.

Responding to questions from your YouTube subscribers will get them to feel like you’re taking the time out to cater to their queries, adding a personal touch to their interactions with you and boosting the growth of your brand.


Although docuseries require a lot more work in terms of creation, they can be a great way to build an extensive base of loyal YouTube subscribers. They are generally composed in several parts and released in sections to build anticipation among your YouTube subscribers about what’s to come. With the help of docuseries, you can make sure you consistently get a high number of YouTube views for your videos.


Interviews feature an interviewer and interviewee and can be leveraged to engage interested targeted viewers through a discussion on a topic you decide upon for your channel. Interviewing an influencer can also be a great way to add to your channel’s YouTube views and attract more YouTube subscribers.

Narrative videos

Through narrative videos, you can take your viewers on a journey in the form of a narrative with the aid of quality videography. Stories and explainers can help to communicate descriptions of your business with viewers, offering a greater level of personalization and strengthening the relationship between you and your viewers.

Music videos

Try developing a unique, catchy soundtrack for your brand and upload a music video to your YouTube channel to promote it and receive more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.

Now that you know the type of content that’s popular on YouTube, you can plan your YouTube marketing strategy better to make sure your channel picks up the YouTube views and YouTube subscribers it deserves with content that engages your audience.

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