How AI and ML can Help with Increasing YouTube Subscribers?

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Have you heard of anyone who is not aware of YouTube? Over two billion users log on to YouTube each month and watch videos amounting to more than a billion hours daily. Content creators upload more than 300 hours of video on to YouTube each minute. Considering the amount of content, activity and number of users, it makes considerable sense for YouTube to recognize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Content creators are beginning to use these technologies to acquire and YouTube Views and increase YouTube subscribers.

AI and ML are gaining good ground in several areas of marketing. It’s amazing to know that over 61% of marketers use AI to help them identify trends, while several others are exploring other AI applications.

YouTube marketers increasingly depend on AI and ML for higher ROI. Read on to know how you can engage and win more audiences by incorporating AI and ML in your YouTube videos.

Role of AI in Video Marketing

Considering the number of content creators out there, it becomes extremely challenging to attract and maintain followers. There are a thousand or more videos whose content could be similar to the ones you have to offer. So, it is challenging to carve a space and succeed.

Having said that, this platform is still one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience, win real YouTube subscribers and earn money.

AI technology has gone on to become a valuable addition to every YouTube marketer out there helping them grow, evolve and make good money.

Artificial Intelligence and Video Marketing

As of March 2020, YouTube videos made up of 74 per cent of internet traffic and was about to increase to 82 per cent by 2021, as per Cisco. AI can help you provide customized content to your target customers and improve your video marketing strategy to scale higher.

AI data enables video developers to understand and estimate their target customer’s interest. It will help them to avoid creating redundant content and create videos that would interest them. More than 52 per cent of marketers are of the opinion that videos provide more ROI in comparison to other marketing strategies.

Data analytics, ML and AI guarantee you higher efficiency and result based on the data that is collected. A few benefits include:

Enables required data extraction

High-tech tools, along with big data, produce excellent video content. The content sourced and created using AI and ML is filtered. This ensures that only relevant information is stored and the required data is dug out for use. Tools like “mysimpleshow” have proven how AI and ML can be used to create cutting edge YouTube videos.

Provide details of watch time

Watch time is the amount of time that a viewer has spent watching your video. Watch time enables you to understand what kind of content your audiences prefer to watch. This is contrary to the videos that they only click and leave almost immediately. YouTube uses this to help collate the list of suggested videos. The algorithm gives importance to overall watch time and viewing sessions over videos with more clicks. If your videos are watched beyond the first click, YouTube automatically suggests those videos more to your target audience.

Providing videos of interest through watch history

YouTube suggest its users videos similar to the ones they mostly watch. The suggested videos are an excellent technique that can help in retaining the audience’s interest. The data used here to offer the audience the content they enjoy watching is collated with the help of ML and AI.

Reaching out to wider audience

Video marketing has a far reach, and the users access it not only for entertainment but also for knowledge. YouTube is undoubtedly the best site for videos with nearly 5 million videos being watched daily. Companies are working hard to get noticed and win the attention of their target customers.

AI, ML help improves personalization

Video marketers create personalized content to gain the attention of their customers. Incorporation of AI and ML technologies help create videos that are relevant to customer requirements and needs.

Real-time video update

AI alone can enable corporate to acquire real-time feedback on their videos. An AI platform is extremely flexible when it comes to making minute changes and tweaks in videos depending on updated data.

Access to reports to help analyze content

Implementation of AI and ML technologies will give you access to YouTube analytics. This will help you analyze and see which videos are performing well. You can create similar videos or make required changes based on the watch time and view-through rates.

It is easy to make decisions when you know which of your videos has low watch time and view-through rates. Decrease or recurring dips will enable you to understand why people refuse or leave your videos mid-way.

The technology also gives you audience engagement reports. This will enable you to figure out the videos that get people to comment, like and add them as their favorite.

Optimizing Videos Using AI & Ml

Now, we come to how you can optimize your videos to gain more audiences, YouTube views, and increase YouTube subscribers.

Create striking thumbnail and title

The first thing that your viewers notice about your videos is its title and thumbnail. Make sure that you attract them through this. You can do that by:

  • Creating thumbnails that are descriptive by nature and show a quick video snapshot.
  • Use striking and accurate titles that talk about exactly what your content is all about.
  • Translate captions, descriptions and titles. You might have to buy translations or get your community to add subtitles.

How to get viewers to continually watch your videos?

  • Create striking introductory videos and couple it with branding and different techniques to help build and hold viewers attention throughout.
  • You can build your real YouTube subscriber base by making sure that they are notified of any new videos you upload. They will also be provided with the playlists they can watch.
  • Engaging with your viewers is critical and helps in building a community and strong fan base. Get them to comment and interact with you and involve them in your content creation.

Organizing and programming YouTube content

Creating a customary release schedule of videos will enable you to get your viewers to watch all video sets of videos together over one single video. It is also possible to schedule your videos for publishing at a later time.

Optimize your content with accurate metadata which includes title, description and tag. This is essential so that your videos are indexed well and in order. Make sure you optimize your watch time so that you can gain more views and real YouTube subscribers.

Engage your audience with AI tools

Since YouTube is highly dependent on AI for content delivery, you must make sure that you maintain good engagement metrics. This will ensure that your content is always at the top of all feed.

Here are some common tricks you can do using AI to help you gain more YouTube views and audience.

Get unpredictable: It becomes difficult to keep your viewers entertained throughout the video at all times. This is harder today since there are many videos, apps and social media platforms that are constantly trying to woo the audience to them. Being unpredictable will ensure that your viewer pays attention to your video from the beginning to the end. While you might follow a certain format while creating videos, it is essential to break it once in a while. AI can help you find new techniques to engage with your viewers.

Interact with your audience: YouTube allows you to interact with your viewer, which is most certainly its strength. It is critical that you engage with them doing a Q&A, chatting with them live and replying to various comments. You must do this if you want to become a successful YouTuber.

Incorporate a Data-Based Approach while creating content

It is essential that you learn exactly what your target customers or users want. You must know how your target audience will react to your content. It is necessary that you adopt an evidence-based approach. You must integrate data into every step while creating content and marketing them.

The data of viewership, like, dislike, details of shares per 1000 views will enable you to create content that your viewers will enjoy.

It is pointless how happy your audience is with you if you do not know how to raise your bar and viewership. This can be accomplished by learning more about your target customers. AI and ML gives you data that will help you understand the age, location, and even occupation of your viewers. You will hence be able to understand where exactly they are coming from and what interests them. There are innumerable ways to get more YouTube views and increase subscribers once you are aware who enjoys watching your videos the most.

AL, ML – Key To Successful YouTube Content Creation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is crucial in content creation today and even more relevant in the future. You can boost your SEO strategies using these techniques, grow and evolve.

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