Best Children Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

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Kid’s photography offers one of the best moments for parents. Not only do the pictures act as a treasure box of precious moments that parents will unlock and enjoy the journey of parenting in years to come, but also acts as a way of reminding kids where they have come from. Therefore, whether it is part of school photography, birthday party, or family photo shoot, you have to get it right.

However, photographing kids can be challenging, especially if they are camera-shy or have endless amounts of energy. Their unpredictable nature can be exhausting as well, especially if you are not prepared for these little, amazing people. However, it can be fun and bring a sense of satisfaction when done right.

To help you with this, we will discuss kid’s photo-shoot ideas and how to get magical photos.

Let’s get started…

Creative Kids’ Photo Shoot Ideas

Using kid’s aspiration and hobbies

You need not complicate photos of kids. Simple pops can turn a simple, cute photo into something special. Does the kid aspire to be a firefighter, pilot, rocket scientist, superhero, artist, or maybe a cowboy?

Whatever occupation they dream of, you can try a few props that relate to what the kid aspires to be. This will make them interested to focus on the camera. Photographing kids will always be easier when the child is relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the moment.

Such photos will give them a nice record of the aspirations they had or things they loved doing when they were younger.

Use a chair

For kids that have extra energy and unruly behavior, chairs can be your best friend. Set them on a chair in your desired photo shoot location and give them a task to do.

Ensure that you have someone close to keep them safe when using a chair. Also, make sure that they are confined in a small space and use a distraction such as food or friendly pet.

Have them exhaust their energy

Sometimes, especially when you are working with kids who have extra energy, you may have to allow them to be adventurous in your scene of photo shot. Photograph them as they play.

After they are tired, now you can take more shots and make beautiful portraits.

Give them freedom

Kids can be uncooperative, especially when you want them to do something they don’t want at that time. However, if you let them be carefree and wild, you will be able to capture their wide smiles and natural expressions.

You can allow them to jump on the bed and on couches. Allow them to do any activity that will make them mischievous and happy, then take pictures of them when playing.

Favorite food

If you are shooting a camera-shy kid, you can use their favorite food to distract them from the camera. Capture them admiring their food and eating it. They will not worry about having a photo of them being taken.

Use their favorite toys

Make kids feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera by photographing them with their favorite teddy bear or toy. They will feel good looking back at their childhood friend that gave them company.


Balloons are cheap and can make any photo colorful. If you are taking photos on a sunny day, colored balloons will offer a perfectly birthday-themed or summery photo shoot.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how to get the shots right during kid’s photo shoot sessions.

How to Take Beautiful, Accurate Pictures of Kids

Choose a location for the photo shoot

The background matters too when it comes to kids photography. It may appear blurry in many portrait photos, but it is still an important element in your final image.

Consider texture, color, and detail when considering the location. Look for a background that adds details to your photo so as to create a beautiful background blur. Some of the great outdoor locations include woodland, open field, and beaches. You can also shoot in urbanized areas with buildings and gates.

Ensure the color of the background compliments the subject. For instance, if the background is green, make the subject wear a contrasting color such as red.

Shoot in soft, natural light

Photography is majorly about lighting. One location can look entirely different in different lighting levels.

When photographing kids, shoot in natural light. You don’t need to have flashguns or expensive studio lights. Soft or diffused light works great for children photography.

To get lighting right, shoot during sunset hours. The light is normally soft and warm when the sun is low in the sky. You can also shoot in the morning before the sun gets too high in the sky.

If you have to shoot in the middle of the day, look for an area that has dappled shade. Ensure that the shadows don’t fall on the child’s head or face. If it is cloudy, the better.

However the flash can give a nice light effect especially when the sky is cloudy.

For indoor photography, light from the window will be enough.

Include some attention-grabbing props

We have talked about some of the things you can include to improve child photography. Look for props that the kid likes and those that add visuals to your photos. Props help to tell a story and keep the child entertained during photo shoot.

Capture emotions and natural poses

Getting kids to pose for photos can be challenging, and usually, when forced, they get it wrong all the time. So, how do you get them to pose and show emotions right?

The trick is to not ask them to. Instead, make them feel comfortable and at ease. Ask them questions and encourage them to play. When in this mood, they will have natural poses and show the right emotions.

For newborn photography, you will have to pose the baby yourself. You can capture them when sleeping.

Choose the right focal length

There is no single focal length that is ideal, as it all depends on what you intend to capture. If you want to capture plenty of scenery around the kid, you will need to have a shorter focal length to have a wider field of view, and vice versa.

Other tips:

  • Use a wider aperture to have a beautiful background blur. However, if you are struggling to focus on a wide aperture, change it
  • Always ensure the kid is in sharp focus
  • Use fast shutter speed since kids can be unpredictable to avoid having blurry shots
  • Expose for the kid’s face to ensure they are well-exposed

Final thoughts

Photographing kids is always challenging-therefore, we advise you to learn to let go of perfection. Kids will always be kids- they like to run, play, make messes, climb, etc.

Therefore, learn to embrace their energy and roll with them. This will make the sessions fun and memorable.

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