Best Budget Mobile Phone in India – Micromax X103i Review

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These days are days of smartphones. Everybody is running after Android due to its apps and special functions but what the problem is that they run out of battery very fast. So just for the sake of battery, I bought Micromax X103, a budget phone whose battery lasts for 2 weeks for me in one full charge.
It is available in two colours : White and Yellow.I use it for calling and for listening FM radio while travelling only.


  • Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • GPRS Enabled
  • 0.3 MP Primary Camera
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 4 GB
  • 1.7-inch TFT Screen
  • FM Radio

The reviews from buyers which helped me to buy this awesome product are given below :Gladson MachadoAwesome little device!

Impressed by Flipkart’s service as always. Was delivered well before time. Thankyou!

No lets get to the phone…

Dint expect such an awesome device for just little over a thousand rupees.
Ordered this phone as I’m fed up with the battery backup on my Samsung Galaxy Devices.
Once I got my hands on this devices, it looks and fee is much more premium than what you paid for.
After using it for couple days, i thought there was a software glitch as the battery indicator wouldnot move even a bit. I was expecting it to directly jump to low battery or switch-off. However it surprised me when the level dropped only by 20%!! Today is the 8th day I am using this device and the battery is still 40-50%. I do admit the fact that I donot have heavy usage, just few call per day and some music on loudspeaker. But I assume,under heavy usage it should last 2 days atleast….

Signal reception is very good, call clarity on earpiece not as good as highend devices, stil this one does the job.

Dispaly is not as pixelated as I had expected, nice and bright.

Camera is VGA, pretty much un-usable as clarity is poor.

Loudspeaker volume is very loud. Sound quality is also nice.

Phone runs pretty fast, opening and closing any application is zippy, I would say its faster than my other android device.

Keypad has a rubbrized feel. Keys are soft and nice to use. However if you are accustomed to type sms messages at higher pace, the device may not correctly register the alphabet you input. Not a texting phone, good for few sms’es though.
Inbox memory is 50 sms’es.

Has internet connectivity throught GPRS, it’s ok to use during emergencies, cant expect more from a device in low price range. Interface is plain HTML thru WAP 2.0

Overall, I’m very imperssed by the phone, considering the price that I paid for it.
Lots of other useful features like, Call blacklisting, Torch, Call recorder, etc
If your looking for a cheap yet powerful device with extra-ordinary battery life, the Micromax X103 is for you! Never expected the brand name “Micromax” to impress me. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Give Me the Link to Buy at Lowest Price !Conan SarkarWhat is MARATHON BATTERY?Many of you must be thinking abt what makes this phone’s battery last so long? Well..the answer is here.Generally basic phones like this one, with a very small screen, less powerful processor and ultra light operating system comes with a battery of capacity 800-1000 mAh (milliampere) and lasts for 2-3 days.Whereas, phones with heavy multicore processor and large screens upto 4 inch HD display like Android and Windows phones come with a 1500 mAh battery which lasts 1-2 days in normal usage conditions.But this phone, Micromax X103 if you have gone through the specifications, has got a battery of 1750 mAh. Yes… it has got a more powerful battery than your Android/Windows phone. Thus, its low power processor, small screen and ultra light operating system after making the ultimate utilization of the 1750 mAh battery lasts for more than 7 days.

I’v reserched a lot before buying this phone and it was successful.
Need a substitute/spare phone? Go for this one. No second thoughts. Maratthon Battery ? I Need It Now.
SohamBest budget phoneI bought this phone for my Grandpa who is 77 years old. I wanted something simple just for calls (that too only incoming)and not an Android around the Rs. 1000 price-tag. I ditched the “Big Boys” just for it’s features and Battery. I was just stunned by its GOB-SMACKING features. Let me Start with the Pro’sPrOs –
1. CaMeRa is pretty good considering the price. Had many features including (480×640)size for stills and 144p for videos, with NIGHT MODE, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure Value, White Balance (Includes : Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloud and Daylight, Effects like Red, Blue, Green, Negative and Sepia. Phew! such a long list !! The Picture Quality is decent though. You won’t get a DSLR at this price! C’mon2. Mp3PlAyEr – Supports equalizers like Rock, Soft Rock, Odeum, Classic, Jazz & Regular. The volume is good but sound clarity and quality is as expected – DECENT (The best you’ll get at Rs. 1125)3. BlUeToOtH – Works! I got Nice transferring speeds while tranfering songs from my Champ! No connectiving issues.4. Has a Powerful Torch (Just the feature I wanted for grandpa),
Dual Sim (Can’t say about stand-by though), FM Radio.5. WAP – Internet pages load up pretty past (MMX Homepage),
haven’t surfed much6. Expandable Memory – 4GiB, more than enough for his needs7. Battery – 1750 mAh WOW even androids have lower battery.
This huge backup coupled with simple OS, processor and features will last at least 7
Days – haven’t TESTED. Other phones from “Other” companies
had around 900-1100 mAh battery. Micromax X103 outclasses
them8. Computer Connectivity9. Price – Rs. 1125 with all of the above mentioned features.
Absoultely fantastic!!!10. Lightweight inspite of the heavy 1750 mAh Battery – Truly a
marathon battery. Back cover feels nice in the hand. Keypad
has a rubberized texture. Music hot-key is pretty usefulCoNs –
1. FM Radio can’t start without headphones.
2. Headphones are cheap and of low-quality. Don’t listen to
songs through these for long hours or else you’ll end up with
hearing problems
3. Lack of 3.5 mm Jack means you’ll have to put up with the bad
4. No Zoom in camera
5. Charger and Headphone quality (dunno how long they’ll last)
6. It can be difficult for new users to Increase or Decrease
volume. Volume down -> [*], Volume Up -> [#].Flipkart Service – The BEST and fastest, got 1 day before estimated delivery time. No other ?@&^!! provides such great service. LIVE LONG FLIPKART!Finally I have to send it to grandpa against my wishes and protests. This is the Best budget feature rich phone in this price range. Gives android phones a run for their moneySoHaMUPDATE –Heated up mildly when I listened to songs for 2 and a half hours continuously.

Inserted 8 GiB Memory Card on 4 GiB works absolutely fantastic Battery Exhausted on Android ? Get it Now at Best Price.MANISH SINGHDoes what its meant to do!

This is a good phone, if you want a phone for calling and receiving voice calls. Good battery backup. the issue with voice clarity during the calls occurs when you keep the volume at peak, lower the volumes and it will be all right.
Comes with a usb cable which can be connected to the charger provided, thus can be charged both by laptop or AC source.
User interface has been kept neat and no cluttering.
There is a special music button, though the sound of neither the speaker nor the earphones are good. There is no 3.5 mm jack slot, instead its a mini usb slot,(used for charging and earphone)

it has got a basic organiser, with alarms, calendar and calculator, but there is no app to take small notes

overall the only problem i face is listening to music, and the lack of any note taking app, but hey! it has got a great great battery backup, calling functionality with acceptable clarity, messaging service, music player, blue tooth, internet connectivity (WAP), a radio, torch….all at 1.1k makes it a great buy.

Better buy than any Nokia or Samsung phone if you want to buy a phone around 1000 rs. if you want something better shell out some more bucks buy a better phone.
And kudos to Flipkart for this one ( though i m facing delays with other orders) , what were you thinking when packaging it? as if it was being delivered in a war zone! very good packing and delivered within the time mentionedDump Nokia and Samsung Phones at this Price Just 1100 ! Buy Now !
Arijit DeyMarathon little PerformerFlipkart as usual was superb with the processing and delivery of the product. It was shipped within 2 hours of order and delivery within 2 days. Mighty impressive as always. Cheers Flipkart.
As for the device, it is indeed a MARATHON battery device. My sole purpose for buying this device was to backup my Xperia P….as all smart phones require charging every 14-15 hours and we do require a standby device at times. I received it 4-5 days back and my battery is still around 30% and it was initially 50-60%. It just doesn’t seem to drain even though I had average usage. Thumbs up for the battery.
As for the device, it is configured with too many features then it appears to hold. Dual SIM, Browsing, Bluetooth, FM, Music Player, Memory card, etc. too many things for the lil device to hold 🙂
The keypad seems to be a bit clumsy as I face difficulty in typing messages and a bit uncomfortable. Apart from that, there hasn’t been any glitches so far.
Well talking of worth, it is any day worth the money with all those features and the marathon battery. May be the best as a backup device. Click Here to Buy from Flipkart at Lowest Price !!

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